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The importance of comfort in energy efficiency


An emerging trend in the energy efficiency industry is a greater consideration of human comfort, reported Elizabeth Mayes of the Alliance to Save Energy. Obviously cutting costs is an important goal for improving home energy use, but an equally important goal is to help residents live comfortably.

When many people think of energy efficiency, they may think of turning the heat down and shivering in a sweater. The reality is that organizations dedicated to developing energy efficient technologies are equally dedicated to improving residents' lives.

Designers are taking greater consideration of residents' comfort at the front end, and keeping this in mind when evaluating a builder's performance, noted Brandon Tinianov, Vice President of View. Dave Oberholzer, Vice President at Weatherbug, stated that customers have described his company's thermostats as the "most comfortable," in addition to being energy-efficient.

The industry should be presenting these energy solutions as comfortable ones, wrote Lloyd Alter of Treehugger. Telling residents they will save money is great, but Alter believes professionals should express the improved air quality and overall comfort these green designs offer. He explained, "Tell them that they will be more comfortable, they will breathe better air and will stay comfy when the power goes out, and it resonates." Alter presented the Passive House and Well Standard concepts as examples of green building that focus on residents' comfort. 

At Mercury Excelum, our experts know that energy efficiency is as much about comfortable, healthy living than it is about saving money. That's why we sell quality products that improve your home inside and out. Contact us to learn more about our dedication to helping make homes comfortable and energy-efficient homes. 


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