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Lower your taxes with these home improvements


Soon it will be time to prepare your taxes. As a homeowner, you can make improvements throughout the year that will help reduce your tax burden. Constance Brinkley-Badgett of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch outlined some of the ways homeowners can enjoy tax credits by making energy-efficient upgrades. 

Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit.
A new roof can earn you a tax credit under the Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit. The roof must be metal with "appropriate pigmented coatings or asphalt roof with appropriate cooling granules that are specifically and primarily designed to reduce the heat gain of your home," according to Tax Slayer.

The Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit offers a tax break for homeowners who upgrade to high-performance windows, exterior doors and insulation. If you're upgrading your air conditioner or water heater, you may also be eligible for tax credits. 

Residential Energy Efficiency Property Credit
The Residential Energy Efficiency Property Credit is available to homeowners who install renewable energy sources like solar, wind, fuel-cell or geothermal technology in their homes. These tax credits could offset the costs of installation. 

Energy Star rebates
Most Energy Star credits are no longer available, but there could be some specific rebates or special offers based on your area. Check the Energy Star website for rebates and special offers to see if you're eligible for any additional savings with Energy Star products. 

Mercury Excelum has been providing the New England region with replacement windows, new construction windows, vinyl siding, exterior doors and other exterior building products since 1953. Our high-performance products offer beauty, comfort and energy efficiency all year long. Contact us for more information about our products. 


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