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When to replace old windows 

Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's not always clear when it's time to replace old windows. In some cases, simple repairs will suffice. Other cases will require more drastic measure. Michele Murdock of Exovations has highlighted some indicators that it's time to replace your windows

Not opening or closing smoothly
This is something that can affect your enjoyment of your windows, so you should address it. It could be that the house has settled on the frames, or the windows have warped and no longer fit. 

This is a sure sign that the windows have warped and are no longer staying sealed. Warm air will flow right out these windows, wasting money and keeping you cold. 

Noise pollution
Older, thinner windows tend to let a lore more noise in. If noises from outside are bothering you when you're inside with the windows shut, that's a good indicator that you need to update. Double or triple-paned windows with a good seal will keep noise pollution to a minimum, allowing you to relax inside your home. 

Rotting or damaged wood
If you currently have wood windows, make sure to check them at least a few times a year. Wood can be damaged over time by water or insects, and the effects can even be noticeable on the inside of the house. Rotten wood will feel much softer than solid wood as well. 

Single pane
Many older windows only feature a single pane of glass, but those windows are not nearly as efficient as today's options. 

At Mercury Excelum, our high-quality replacement windows are admired for their beauty and energy efficiency. We provide a wide range of window types, including bays, casements, rounds, half-rounds and many others. We've been supplying New England contractors with dependable windows since 1953. top Top

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